Kathonne chapter 3 summary

Summary to begin Kathonne Campaign chapter 3
-After finding an artifact known as Veraine’s Box, the sorceress Ashley and her brother, Dai, a priest of Pelor, are attacked by the evil priest Kasho and his ogre magi, who later steal the Box during a raid on the army camp. Accompanied by the barbarous mercenary Shemp, the group gather information on the artifact from Broken Hortan, and are cashiered from the Kathonne army, as the humanoid army of Garspate Mountainhold wars against Kathonne.

-The group learns they are targets for war-leader Cannadoc and her minions, who believe their group may try to stop the Box-opening ritual, occurring in nine months hence at summer solstice on Mount Setelediaset.

-Soon joined by Sir Gareth, the group consults a seer in the Waste. Ashley has a strange meeting, after which she begins to slowly undergo a transformation.

- Shemp is able to recover the greataxe Elordred’s Bane from the body of the Necronaut, and the group runs afoul of a strange floating pleasure craft in the Waste, run by a sinister organization.

- Dai recovers the powerful Mace of Katthaddin from the temple in the abandoned city of Gisalt. Freeing slaves held by the druegar deep below Gisalt, and from the colliseum, the group then splits, with Sir Gareth leading the freed slaves to safety, after a difficult battle with a fire giant and an ettin, and with Ashley, Dai, and Shemp beset by a medusa with two deadly war troll mercenaries. Shemp is horribly wounded and dies in the battle, but is raised from the dead by Dai and returns to the living.

-Sir Gareth continues to have reoccurring dreams of a shop of antiquities in the city of Ortsennde in Feenigholmme, and a bronze torc.

-Shemp is plagued by the mental illness of the self-aware Elordred’s Bane, and has yet to take the artifact to the master smith Dijimon, to fulfill the words of the seer, who foretold that the group would gather artifacts of power and gain strength themselves if they were to survive Cannadoc’s war against all who would oppose her.

Kathonne chapter 3 summary

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